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We design experiences, not just “apps”

The majority of people in the world have a mobile device. With that comes a slew of mobile apps, many of them poorly developed. Creating the best possible experience requires collaboration, and every place is unique, which means we don’t hand over a “mobile template” and let you do the rest. We work with you to design, iterate, and develop the best possible experience for your visitors, because that's what it takes.

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Award-winning experiences we've created

"We're excited to be working with Guidekick to provide an incredible experience for our visitors"

Gary Castro

Director of Technology and Innovation, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

“I’m truly convinced this is the best museum application in the world”

Hoyt Fields

Museum Director from 1975 to 2014, Hearst Castle

Beautiful Map Interface + Indoor Wayfinding

It all begins with a beautiful 3D map that brings your attraction to life. It’s the basis for navigation and orientation, two of the biggest sources of confusion for visitors. With the latest developments in indoor positioning, the app allows seamless wayfinding and automatically triggers content in the background without requiring a user to take any additional action, such as typing in a number or scanning a code. This design keeps the focus on what’s ahead, not on what’s down.

Analytics With Insight

With powerful analytics, critical questions can be answered with factual data – it’s no longer necessary to speculate. In addition to insightful demographic information, our platform can actually reveal how people interact and move within your space. Have you ever wanted to know which areas get the most foot traffic? Let us show you.

Provide the best experience for your visitors


A personal guide for every visitor, allowing them to take tours based on specific themes, or navigate the space freely

Historic Sites

Teleport visitors back in time, bringing the golden age back to life and showing how it used to exist

Stadiums & Raceways

Make it easy for attendees to find their seats, purchase tickets, order food, and even learn about the history of the venue


Provide travelers with a beautiful interface to navigate terminals, locate amenities, and engage with an art collection or aviation history

Hotels & Resorts

Bring your structure to life in stunning detail, enabling guests to learn stories of famous guests, tour architectural achievements, and locate amenities


Give every visitor, student, and prospective student a tour of campus they won't forget, showcasing stories of academic and athletic achievements